3 Men Miraculously Survive After Bike Collides With Bus In Madurai


A motorcycle with three men on it is seen on CCTV taking a hard right turn on a narrow street in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai. All the three are not wearing helmets. A yellow state-run bus is also seen coming from the right. The two vehicles get no time to avoid an accident.

Within seconds, the bike and the bus collide, and the three men are flung on to the road. The screeching bus drags them for some metres. Fortunately for the men, they received only minor injuries, the police said. They have been taken to hospital.

The front tyres of the bus ran over the motorcycle, crushing it under its weight, while the men are saved by the bumper that prevented them from being pushed under the heavy vehicle.

The three men were reportedly drink driving.

The bus belongs to the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation.

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