2-Year-Old’s Head Was Stuck Between Pillars. Welding Machine Saved Her In Tiruvallur

Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu: 

In a freak incident, a two-year-old girl’s head got stuck between steel pillars at a railway station while playing and these had to be cut with a welding machine to free her, police said Friday.

Keerthana was playing at the platform of Tiruttani railway station when she stuck her head into the gap between the pillars and then couldn’t take it out, police said. 

On hearing the girl cry, her parents  got to the spot and tried to bend the steel structures to free her, but couldn’t.

They alerted the railway police, who used a welding machine to cut the pillars without harming the girl and gently eased the child out.

Keerthan and her parents, from Sirukumi village, were on their way to Tirupathi when the incident took place, they said.

The entire operation took about one hour, police said.

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